I was Judas too

Perspective and MY OWN transparency/vulnerability.. this hit home so I had to share it because I too am thankful for what Jesus did for Judas.

I have been Judas too.
I have felt betrayal at its ugliest, most hurtful level, I have betrayed at that level too.

I have said never ever would I, I have said if that kind of betrayal happened to me I would be done but Jesus…

He showed up as He always does, He silenced things in my life that I missed at the time but He had to because ONLY He could do for me and my family what He did for Judas.

We have a story of redemption, undeserving Grace, underserving forgiveness, one we will use with those we cross paths with that need to hear what happened that day many years ago. The day He carried the burden of our story and died for what He knew was coming.

Because of that day, our family and friendships He knows we need have been redeemed. He already knows what’s coming or has come in your life. Let Him have it.

There is NOTHING you have done that He can’t forgive you for, redeem you from, make right in your life and from experience He puts things back together better and stronger than they were before. That means YOU, the relationships that are meant to be which means there may be some He knows aren’t good for you because they can’t get past your mistakes which is ok and not the friends you need, He puts your family back together better than before and provides financially more than you could have imagined.

We have experienced it all first hand and I promise you the friendship you have in Jesus will be the best one you ever made. After life happened for us I realized the friend I had in Jesus and the wife, mom and friend I needed to be for others.

TRUTH… I still struggle to make sense of the wrongs done sometimes but then I look back and see what His death meant for us and means for you too. I see firsthand where things were and where they are now. It’s a love none of us can comprehend or give at the levels He does but one we should strive for. It’s the least we can do for what He did for us. #itisfinished #believeit

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