Raising little men

I am not a writer. I don’t consider myself to even be a blogger. I don’t know the “rules”, “do’s” not the “don’t” of blogging. But I love sharing the good and not so good of life so we no one feels alone. I am not actively searching for people to follow me. I honestly have no idea how to make that happen. My grammar at times is not the best but I have come to love this space to document certain moments in time. So, this is where I plan to do that❤️

This past week was full of all things new. New school for my oldest son, back to “brick and mortar” for my youngest two, my oldest starting football, a week full of interviews for a position in our office we need to fill… ALL THINGS GROWTH for US ALL!!

As we walked out this challenging week I chose to focus on the opportunities we were being given not the challenges in our path. Right now during a pandemic our boys can go back to school, be around those they enjoy from friends, teachers and coaches. Our business is growing during a pandemic when I know others are facing such tough, heartbreaking hardship, we can help those who need employment find work, my oldest son’s decision to change schools last minute showed a courageous side of him I hadn’t seen before and he hopped right on the football team day 2 of a new school. Changing schools might be no big deal to most but he had been at the same amazing school since 2nd grade. Starting his 10th grade year at another school took courage, period. Lastly, we love and trust both schools our boys attend. Which brought me to my thoughts of it all and the approach I took going into the week of all the uncertainties that can come with change like.. will the change of schools be the right choice, how will my younger boys do with the new way of school with masks all day, how will the teacher and faculty manage all the change, who will we have the opportunity to add to our growing team and of course the worry side of me will be crossing my fingers, probably closing my eyes and praying with each catch that my oldest boy survives each tackle. 😉 But shhh, don’t tell him that because I have not expressed my concerns to him. I need him to just get out there and do it. I don’t want to plant seeds of worry or doubt for him. He will survive and so will I. After all, I am a football girl so most of my feelings around it are excitement in getting to watch my boy play the game.

With all that said… this week and weeks to follow… I am praying for all the teachers, administration and students as they go back to school.

I ❤️ my boys. I know all parents love their kids so be kind to those who have to make decisions they feel are best for their family situations even if they are different than yours. Shepherding a child’s heart is not easy. It’s the hardest job I have ever loved. We are thankful for our school and everything they have done to make us feel comfortable with our boys going back. My morning read was the perfect reminder of my role in my boys life.

I know as a mom, I am my son’s first love and as I continue to read page after page of this book “Strong Mom’s, Strong Son’s” again… it grips my heart, has me praying I serve mine well but intimidates me a little in my responsibility to not just my boys but their future families too. This passage sums from the book sums it up for me…

“You are his world for the first few years of his life, but equally important, YOU ARE THE PRISM through which he will see all women. If you are trustworthy, he can trust his sister, his grandmother, his teacher, and yes, his wife. As you love him he realizes that being loved by a woman feels good. Then, as he grows older, he will love and be loved by other female figures in a healthy way. A boy’s introduction to female love is no small responsibility.” Strong Mom’s, Strong Son’s.

No matter where you are in this parenting thing or life in general.. whether you have messed up or got it right or some of both.. It is never too late to write a different story for yourself, your kids and live the life you want to live. And if you have people telling you different don’t believe them. They are predicting a future they don’t control. If you are still breathing, you still have chances to do the right thing. Mom’s and Dad’s I encourage you to grab the book Strong Mom’s, Strong Sons. It will help you understand a lot about yourself and your boy and the other men/women in your life too.

Today, I challenge you to take a minute to reach out and thank a teacher, your child for giving you Grace as you parent, your spouse or significant other for the lessons you are learning together as flawed people. When you give out thanks and kindness everyday you will be surprised at how your life will begin to shift to the good things you have waiting to receive.

I encourage you to grab a journal, write down who you reached out to, continue to reach out to one person a day just to say thank you for ____. Commit to a month a watch the shift that happens. I would love to hear about it a month from now. You can find my email attached to this blog. Share your stories with me.

Have a great weekend.

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