30 Days to Healthy Living Again….


5 Minute PM Recap

Three things that happened today:
1. Started my morning with detox tea and didn’t miss a supplement needed to reset this body and see everything on the list below GO AWAY!!!

2. Drank over a gallon of water in my new PINK attic container❤️

Click photo of protein for link

3. Hit macros and got in all meals…
✍🏼2 of them had to be smoothies because I forgot my lunch🤦🏼‍♀️ BUT I emprovised with the smoothies which is always the better choice even if you have to drink it.
✍🏼When ordering or making my own smoothie I leave out or request the place I order from to leave out all sweetners.
✍🏼I spend the $1.00 or less to add a scoop of protein equal to 10-25g.
BUT since finding Arbonne… I save by adding my protein I ordered with them. I am loving my 2 options with Arbonne in vanilla…
✍🏼Arbonne Essentials Daily Protein Boost is a protein I can add in when you need just a little more protein with your lunch. It has 10g per scoop and is perfect for smoothies that are short on protein.
✍🏼Arbonne Vanilla Protein meal replacement shake makes it even easier to eat something quick, just 2 scoops, water and shake= 25g protein and 14g carbs.

Click photo of protein for link
img_4678Click photo of protein for link

My body needs healthy carbs so it can use those for energy to burn fat and add muscle by adding the protein-our muscle building food(macro)

✍🏼Smoothies when made that way are a natural source of quick in, readily available energy for “need it now” energy like before and after a workout. Because fruit is a simple carb….

📝NOTE carbs are an outside source of fuel from my body, my body cannot make carbohydrates for fuel so when they are absent in my diet my body will generate its own energy to survive. I don’t want it to do this often because it goes to my muscle stores first for energy, I work to hard for muscle gains so I want to keep as much as I can. When I think carbs(the right ones, no fries, lol) repeat… healthy carbs are my friend… they help my body burn fat, as it decreases the muscles I have will be revealed. and muscle building food) 💪🏻

📝Keeping these proteins in my bag and will go everywhere I do for days like today.

4. Workout with my fellas at Codite CrossFit.

✍🏼OUR LIFT-Back Squat
✍🏼Again, I humbly take my place at my empty bar 35# for first set but finish tonight at 85#🏋️‍♂️💪🏻

💬85# might have been what I used in Metcons before shoulder injury but starting NEW it was my last lift but will not always be. Feel the weights rising again as I go ❤️🏋️‍♂️💪🏻

How could I have made today better?
📓It would have been easier to have my meals with me at work and not have to run out for smoothies so I could eat but…. this is why I ❤️ this challenge because life is crazy and I can be forgetful and it teaches me options so I can still eat and do it in a healthy way. Not eating sabotages so much and kills my energy. Don’t ever let someone tell me it is better to not eat then “drink” my meal. They are referring to drinking a soda and calling it food. Drinking a protein shake can be as nutritous as a meal. So I will always drink a smoothie or make one with my Arbonne proteins and grab some of my favorite fruits.

📓Favorite Part of my Day…
Love ❤️ the fact this challenge gives me smoothie ideas so I don’t think about anything at all. And the energy from eating and my Arbonne tea and fizz drink have been lifesavers.😊

Have goals and need someone to run with… join us. We start 30 Day to Healthy You groups every two weeks!!!

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