30 Days to Healthy Living Again..

Day One is Done!!

This is what happened…

Food prepped yesterday by the hubby(see photo, love our meal prep containers from amazon)

All our Arbonne supplements happened without tons of pills to swallow but even better… no stressful specific times we had to remember them AND thanks to their perfectly laid out plan for our meals with prep reminders before you start leading up to prep day, meal prep tips, recipes and grocery lists.=every meal happened today!!

If the reminders from Arbonne for our meals was all that happened #wewonDAYONE.

Meals have been a train wreck at our house lately🤦🏼‍♀️ but not today!!

Felt awesome which lead to #gymmotivation and climbing back up the barbell again. Started at the bottom but NOT staying there anymore!!!

🏋️‍♂️Lift: Overhead Squat 🏋️‍♂️Weight: started with bar @ 35# but ended with 60#

Started with 35#
Last lift of 60# which use to be a warm up lift for me but humbly I will embrace the set back and use it to make a comback🏋️‍♂️

👱🏻‍♀️My take away: FEAR is a liar and it will paralyze you from moving forward if you let it!!! And the picture of my morning devotion couldn’t have been more spot on❤️❤️ 👱🏻‍♀️Today the movement I feared after set back from torn labrum and surgery to repair 16 weeks ago was the lift of the the day… OVERHEARD squats. This movement and squat snatches have always been hard for me but you can tell how hesitant I was in the videos attached.😐 But love when I am reminded in my own world that fear is a LIAR… so I faced it and the heavier it got the more confident I became and better moved. If there were crying in CrossFit I would have cried today after accomplishing what I did. I use to warm up with the weight I ended on today but who cares…


My morning devotion pictures below was pretty spot on for Day One as if it read my mind and knew what I needed.

I plan to share my 30 day journey of kicking Fear and excuses out of the way AGAIN so I can get ready to compete on a team with one of my boys in December!❤️

Sharing is my accountability to myself and to them so I don’t hold them back as their partner. Working out and feeling like picking up our healthy lifestyle with supplements and meals for MYSELF wasn’t working anymore so…

I found another reason and PURPOSE…

They clean up well❤️
My oldest Peyton ❤️
My Youngest Tucker ❤️
My middle Hudson❤️

that is to compete with my boys in a team competition in December because they asked me to last year and we missed it. NOT missing it this year!!!

If doing it for yourself isn’t working for you either then find a reason that is tied to someone you love and do it for them. I promise the healthier, happier version of you is something they need in their life just as much as you need it for yourself. Feel free to join in with us anytime❤️

Tonya Kelly Windham

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