Moment of Reflection through the eyes of my oldest son..

This kid, my first born, the one I have made the most mistakes with, the one I apology to daily for him being the oldest which meant he was our learning curve by a lot of trial and error in parenting, bless all the first borns out there who go through the same. 🙂

First born or not:) He deserves every proud mama moment brag he gets in my opinion;)
If you will, take a minute and check out his Holocaust Memorial Video for Nova’s Holocaust Memorial Reflection project submitted by students from all over Florida. I have wanted to share his project since he put it together, more than a mom brag, I wanted to share a teenage boy’s thoughts about what he saw and felt as he watched videos and read books to learn about the survivors of this terrible time in history in hope’s it challenges those that are willing to watch it as it did me. Thank you in advance if you choose to watch it.

After he shared his video with me to review before submission, I was moved so I asked where the information in his voice over came from… I assumed he “cited” his reflection of that time from a book he read but he told me..

“I just shared my thoughts about it all after watching and reading what the people of this time went through.” So as mamas do I asked him to explain how that

helped him understand more about others of that time and the answer he gave was this…

“I watched a lot of videos on the Holocaust and read about the survivors before I did the voice over. I didnt want to read a script I had written, I wanted to talk about it after attempting to go back in time through videos and books about this terrible event and the people that lived in it so I could express how it made me feel about what happened to these innocent people including kids and the elderly. It made me think about the issues we face today. The emotion I felt about what I saw the people of the Holocaust go through and what I see people go through today made me want to bring awareness not only to the tragic events of that time but hopefully point others to what I see and how I feel about these same issues we face today. I knew the only way I was going to be brave enough to deliver that message, one I hoped challenged others as it did me to be like those who faced unimagineable beatings and cruelty yet chose to be stand up for others who couldnt stand up for themselves like the little kids and elderly who faced really cruel and mean things, some to the point of death all because they were unjustly judged and wrongfully accused by others. Why?
And WHY are we still treating people this way today all over the world and even scarier, in my own hometown. I know there is no way I can come close to feeling how these people felt nor how others of today feel as they face similar things as those who lived through the Holocaust like being beaten, killed, treated poorly and so many other unimaginable things. But my hope in recording the voice over after exposing myself to all they endured and how it made me feel for them, how it made me think of what I know and see in our world today, leaving it all fresh in my mind would help me share from a place of emotion not from a memorized written script. That would be the best way for me to honor the people of this time and hopefully bring awareness to what we still face today. I hope I remember my own video and watch it everytime I need to remember what mistreating others because of differences or simply because we think we can looks like so if nothing else I don’t treat others that way.”

After he shared his perspective with me, I watched the video again but this time I was not just moved by the photos and his voice over describing this time in history, I was reminded of his talents and gifts in storytelling through video and my boys heart to see things through the eyes of others. What brought me the most Joy and peace as I watched and listened to his depiction of the hate crimes, discrimination, violence against others which are the issues we still face today was hearing him challenge me and others who would watch his video to stand up against these issues and be difference makers not contributors to the issues of our world. And as a mom, it was proof enough for me that who my boy has always been at the core is still who he is today and who he is becoming is even more than I saw in him before. I tell my boys as often as I can that there is nothing they could do to make me not love them but sometimes I let their off days, my wondering and my hope in how they respond to others when no one is looking, how they take on their own tough stuff in life always ines up with who I know them to be and the good stuff being poured into their lives at home, at church, at school and by other outside influence in their life. So little reminders like this point me to that truth and the even sweeter truth of who they are becoming.

I hope this always serves as a reminder for me, him and others to stand up for what’s right even if you and your voice shake doing it.

Oh, I wanted to share with you where his future projects can be viewed if you like what you see or what to support our boys passion.  Being he had to share this with Nova via YouTube, it gave him the push he needed to begin what he has wanted to do but hasn’t in finding a place to share his work in the future. So, if you like his videos or want to support him in future endeavors by reviewing his work and giving him feedback in your thoughts or share topics you would like to see him take on, I know he would love for you to subscribe and share in his journey to what he wants to do in what he hope’s to turn his passion into his work in media production and storytelling. #oneproudmama

Thank you in advance for letting me brag on my boy, his heart, his talents and gifts and for the time, should you take it, to watch this video and/or subscribe to his channel for the future work he shares. He is always opened to video topics or ideas from his audience.

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