The Journey Begins

I am a wife, a mom to 3 boys and health and wellness coach.  I have lived in Florida my entire life.  I have traveled but I have not once moved from the town I grew up in.  I started this site to share my life experience from the good and the not so good. I will share the things I have learned and still am learning on the detours but focus mostly on the middle, the crossroads as I like to call it.  I believe it has been the decisions I have made there, some good and some not good that have made me who I am today.  It is what I hope through sharing my own journey that you see hope in yours.  No matter what has happened up until this point we all have the decision to change the direction we are going.  I believe that what may seem hard or good from me right now could be someone else’s miracle.  Those who know me know I can throw a pity party and fit with the best of them when life doesn’t go as I had planned or hoped for but as I continue to live I continue to experience that it all served it’s purpose and was necessary for what I believe I am meant to do.  I am learning with each detour to give it the effort it requires.  If it is hard, I will do it hard and if it is easy I will do it easy but not doing something cannot be an option anymore.  Know that I am not a natural writer and I struggle with all things grammar, lol, but also know that I am ok with that truth and will do the best I can to put into words what has helped make me as wife and mom to working on my best health and wellness life yet.  Saturday I will be 43!!  Everyday I get to live my passion which is healthy families. I believe healthy families come from not just a look on the outside but the condition of our software-heart, soul, mind, others-those placed in our life whether family or friends and our hardware-our muscles built from the inside out through our nutrition.  Excited to stretch myself through the uncomfortable in writing but would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous too.

Thanks for joining me!

Now then, stand still and see the great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!  1 Samuel 12:16


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